Speciality Kits

Kit's are a special addition to any combination of class and race that gives a little bit of uniqueness to your character. Please read the small kit FAQ or click on a kit name below for more information.

Kit Name Who can take it
Acrobat Thief, Rogue, Assassin, Monk
Alchemist Mage, Wizard
Archeologist Any (Except Mummies)
Barbarian Warrior, Berzerker
BattleRager Warrior, Cleric, Paladin, Crusader (Dwarf Only)
Bishop Cleric, Crusader, Paladin
Bladesinger Warrior, Blademaster, Mage, Wizard, Samurai (Elf Only)
Brawler Warrior, Thief, Berzerker, Samurai, Rogue, Blademaster
Buffy INCOMPLETE Any (Except Remorts)
Cavalier Warrior, Paladin, Samurai
Enchanter Mage, Wizard
Fence Rogue, Thief, Assassin
Knight Warrior, Blademaster, Cleric, Paladin
Lycanthrope Hunter Any (Except Garou)
Medium Mage, Cleric, Monk, Druid, Elementalist, Wizard, Crusader
Myrmidon Warrior, Blademaster (Except Yinn)
Nature Friend Druid
Necromancer Mage, Wizard
Nethermancer Mage, Wizard
Ninja Thief, Rogue, Assassin
Prophet Cleric, Crusader, Paladin, Monk
Ranger Warrior, Thief, Rogue, Blademaster
Scribe Mage, Wizard, Cleric
Shaman Mage, Wizard, Cleric, Crusader
Shapeshifter INCOMPLETE Druid, Elementalist
Spirit Caller Druid
Shadow Stalker Thief, Rogue
Staff Crafter Druid, Cleric, Crusader
Summoner Elementalist
Vampyre Hunter Any (Except Nosferatu)
Vindicator Cleric, Crusader, Paladin
Wand Maker Mage, Wizard
Warlock Mage, Wizard (Male Only)
Witch Mage, Wizard (Female Only)
Wu Jen Mage, Monk, Samurai
Wyrmslayer Any (Except Dragons)