Available to all classes

Axe Dagger Exotic(1) Flail Mace Polearm Spear Sword Whips
Second Attack Meditation Fast Healing Riding Dodge Parry Kick Hand-to-Hand Scrolls
Staves Wands Haggle Lore Pick-Lock Shield Block Swim Enhanced Damaged Scan

(1) Does not need to be practiced

Available to Warriors

Bash Shield Bash Disarm Berserk Third Attack Fourth Attack (1) Sneak Hide Enhanced Critical
Cleave Bludgeon Weave Resistance (2) Insanity (2)

(1) Blademaster with Myrmidon Kit Only
(2) Berserker Only

Available to Mages

Knock(1) Spellcraft

(1) Wizard Only

Available to Clerics

Communion (1)

(1) Crusader/Cleric Only

Available to Thieves

Steal Slice(1) Garotte(2) Trip

(1) Rogue Only
(2) Assassin Only

Remort Skills

Nosferatu Bleed
Mummy Hex Breathe Fear
Garou Morph Bite