Kit: shaman Cost: 100 practices
Classes: mage cleric wizard crusader
Races: dragon human elf dwarf giant ogre lasher kender goblin half-elf yinn volare rockbiter faerie
Minimum Attributes: INT 18 WIS 18 CHA 18
Skills/Groups: 'disease'

Shamans are tribal witch doctors, primitive practicioners of arcane magicks.
Their speciality is the practice of gradually and painfully killing their enemies.
Shamans are experts as inflicting disease upon people, and as such, are the primary
users of 'damage over time' spells. Shaman DOT spells are the most powerful DOTs
in the game, and can inflict hundreds of points of damage to a target.

Shamans have access to the 'disease' spell group, which contains four disease-
based DOT spells.

SEE ALSO: 'damage over time' 'disease'


Disease Spell Group - Shaman Kit Only

Damage Cap Level
Level 18 Contagion 35
Level 28 Blight 40
Level 38 Boiling Blood 45
Level 48 Scourge 50

The four weapons of the Disease spell group. Each does some damage when
cast, and some recurring damage over the next few minutes. Scourge lasts the
longest of these. All of these spells have an effective level cap at which the
amount of damage they do ceases to increase with level. Note that saving throws
versus these spells are still done against the ACTUAL casting level of the caster.
But the affect caps at the above levels. The spells cannot be cancelled. The
medics of Midgaard have yet to devise a way to cure these diseases.

All cost 75 mana and have a 2-round delay. Experienced victims of these
spells have indicated that the further they get from the caster, the less damage
the spells do.


Damage Over Time (also called DOT) affects are special types of spell affects.
A DOT affect doesn't cycle with normal spell affects, it has its own timer
and is not looked at during normal ticks. DOTs use a special, faster tick
that kicks in every 10 seconds. When this tick hits, the DOT runs its course,
doing damage to the victim. Some DOT spells also do direct damage up front, but
this isn't a requirement of a DOT affect. Most DOTs have no cure, but do low
amounts of damage, so low they often fall under the damage curve. But for this
very reason, DOTs are also quite powerful, as they can do hundreds of points of
damage and none of it gets curved. The cost is time, as a victim of a DOT can
use several tactics to reduce the effectiveness. Most DOTs last 1-2 minutes
and do gradually less damage as they go. Many things affect how much damage
a DOT does, and none of those secrets will be divulged here.

The Shaman kit is the best in the game, having access to an elite corp of DOT
spells in the 'disease' group. No DOT can rival the power of these spells.
Other, more mundane DOT spells exist.