Kit: ranger Cost: 70 practices
Classes: thief warrior rogue blademaster
Races: dragon human elf dwarf giant ogre lasher kender goblin half-elf yinn volare rockbiter gargoyle
Minimum Attributes: STR 16 WIS 14 DEX 16 CON 14
Skills/Groups: 'dual wield'

The ranger is a master of the wilderness. As such, (s)he fights most
effectively in nature - plains, forests, hills and mountains, and is
uncomfortable and ill-at-ease when indoors or in urban areas. All rangers
may declare a species enemy (see SPECIES ENEMY), and will receive bonuses
when fighting against any player or creature of that species. The ranger's
dislike of his/her species enemy is so strong that those creatures are
penalized in defensive skills when defending against the ranger. Rangers may
move from any sector to any sector for one movement point, and receive +3
moves when they level. They also may dual wield with any combination of
weapon types.

NOTE: When the material table is complete, Rangers will be forbidden from
wearing armor made from non-natural materials. This means they'll be
restricted to leathers, cloth, wood, and the like.


Syntax: automatic

Dual wield permits a Blademaster to use two different weapons at once,
allowing for a strategic combinatino of special flags and damage types.
To use dual wield, the Blademaster simply wears two seperate weapons.
This skill -only- works while the Blademaster has two weapons. If his or
her primary weapon is somehow disarmed, he/she must wear another. The
secondary weapon must be either exotic, or of the same weapon group as the
original. This combined with specialization makes for a powrful fighting
character in the Blademaster. The secondary weapon must also be lighter
than the primary. Finally, it is possible to use a sword-dagger combination.


Syntax: species <race>

Rangers do not have to declare a species enemy, but the cost of this
feature is included with the price of the kits, they pay for it whether they
use it or not. The species enemy must be a PC race. Once you pick one, you
can never -ever- change it. Select wisely. Rangers fight remarkably well
when going up against their species enemy, and members of that race don't
defend as well against the ranger. You may not declare your own race as your
species enemy.