There are different types of races with in Boinga and they are:

RACE SIZE Creation Points Specialties
Human Medium 5 None
Elf Small 14 Mage, Thief
Half-Elf Medium 8 None
Giant Huge 5 Warrior
Ogre Large 11 Warrior
Rock Biter Gigantic 16 Unknown
Gargoyle Medium 6 Unknown
Goblin Medium 6 Mage
Kender Small 6 Thief
Faerie Tiny 13 Magic
Dragon Huge 31 Everything
Dwarf Medium 9 Warrior, Cleric
Volare Medium 10 Cleric
Lasher Large 14 Warrior
Yinn Large 23 Everything

Different races have different starting statistics, and also different
stat maximums for magic items and training.

See individual help files for each race for information about special
abilities and resists/vulnerabilities.

Creation points increase the amount of experience it takes to gain a level.
For more information, see the help files for each race (i.e. 'help dwarf')