Pray <Gift>
Pray immortal <Message>

You can 'pray' for a gift from your deity. It will be granted if you have
sacrificed enough of your kills to your deity and your alignment is
appropriate for your deity. Or, for a cost of 2 sac points, you can
send a message to all the IMM's who are logged in even if you can not see

Gift Description Points
Recall Transports you back to the Temple of Mojo 75
Patience Increases the duration of your affects 100
Random Randomly gives one of the other affects 50
Nurture Calms your hunger and wets your throat 100
Meld Draws energy from the land around you 100
Reanimation Puts you back in your corpse after death 200
Opiate Puts you into an altered state 50
Bravery Lets you come between harm and those you protect 100
Stature Act larger than your true size 100
Distraction Increase your sucess at trickery and theft 100
Fear The weak will run from you 150
Speed Your wait on an action will be shortened 200
Transport You will be sent to adventure elsewhere 150
Banishment Prevents target from gaining entrance to their hall 200