Kit: ninja Cost: 80 practices
Classes: thief assassin rogue
Races: dragon human elf dwarf giant ogre lasher kender goblin half-elf yinn volare rockbiter faerie gargoyle
Minimum Attributes: STR 17 DEX 20 CON 16
Skills/Groups: 'ninjitsu' 'kurijitsu'

The ninja is the ultimate stealth machine, specializing in two unique
abilities. Ninjitsu and Kurijitsu. The Ninja also can sneak out
of combat, and know which way they went.


Syntax: Automatic

Ninjitsu is the art of concealment, and adept practioners are completely
impossible to detect when using ninjitsu incombination with standard stealth-
related skills.


Syntax: Automatic

Kurijitsu is the art of strategically placing your attacks on an
opponent. Skilled practioners of kurijitsu can do incredible amounts of
damage with a single standard attack. One must be very skilled in kurijitsu
to fully realize its potential.