Kit: necromancer Cost: 80 practices
Classes: mage wizard
Races: dragon human elf dwarf giant ogre lasher kender goblin half-elf yinn volare rockbiter faerie gargoyle
Minimum Attributes: INT 18 WIS 15
Skills/Groups: 'wraithform' 'vampiric touch'

The necromancer is the ultimate evil spell caster. They are completely
incharge of the necromantic spells. Players who take this kit gain one
new spell (wraithform) and an innate ability (vampiric touch).
Necromancers gain bonuses for being evil when they cast necromantic
spells. If a necromancer is not living up to their alignment expectations,
they suffer a penality when casting necromantic spells.
Because they live an evil life, their alignment will not drop
when these spells are cast.
Necromancers are also very creepy, so they do not cast beguiling spells
very well.

see also: vampiric touch
see also: wraithform


Vampiric touch has two affects. Firstly, a necromancer will get a bonus
when using a weapon with the VAMPIRIC flag. Secondly, since a necromancer
radiates evil, there is a chance that the weapon they wield will be given
the VAMPIRIC flag. This effect happens when necromancer has physical
contact with the weapon.


syntax: c 'wraithform'

By casting this spell, the necromancer is turned into a wraith like mist.
Because they are made of mist, they are limited in their actions.
Likewise, there is very little on this world that can affect someone in

The necromancer *MUST* leave wraithform before the duration of the spell
has worn out, or they will die. All of thier material possessions will
cross into the Netherworld.

Entering into and leaving wraithform does require quite some time to


syntax: unwraith

This is an automatic command, there is no percent or chance of failure.
This command takes the necromancer out of wraithform. It must be used
before the spell affect has worn off of the necromancer will be killed
and all of thier belongings will pass into the Netherworld.