Kit: myrmidon Cost: 80 practices
Classes: warrior blademaster
Races: dragon human elf dwarf giant ogre lasher kender goblin half-elf volare rockbiter faerie gargoyle
Minimum Attributes: STR 18 CON 18
Skills/Groups: 'fourth attack'

Concept - The ultimate campaigner, the myrmidon is a classic soldier.
The military life is law to this kit. Myrmidons live and die for the
martial life. As a result of their rigid adherence to law and order,
and the chain of command they tend to be strict and inflexible.
However, the myrmidon is also highly trained in standard combat
and is a skilled and powerful fighter.

1) Specialization is free. If the myrmidon has a specialization already
when he picks up the kit, he'll be refunded the trains for it.

2) Because of their extensive training in basic combat prowess,
myrmidons, when using their specialized weapon, receive second
and third attacks more often, anywhere from 125% to 150% depending
on the weapon skill percent and the myrmidon's level.

3) Also because of their extensive training, myrmidons receive a
fourth attack skill. With 100% in his/her specialized weapon
and level 51, the myrmidon receives second attacks 75% of the
time, third attacks 50% of the time, and fourth attacks 25% of
the time. These only apply with the specialized weapons.

1) Because of their regimented martial life, these soldiers are less
familiar with other fighting styles than their own. As a result, they
fight at a slight penalty when going up against creatures of a different
size (though not of a difference race if the race is the same size).
This penalty decreases as the myrmidon levels.

The teachings of Dae'tok are not compatible with the Myrmidon style. As
such, Yinns may not become myrmidons.