Kit: knight Cost: 90 practices
Classes: cleric warrior paladin blademaster
Races: dragon human elf dwarf giant ogre lasher kender goblin half-elf yinn volare rockbiter faerie gargoyle
Minimum Attributes: STR 18 CON 16 CHA 18
Skills/Groups: 'kcharge' 'call mount'

Individuals who have studied the art of mounted combat are the Knights
in Boinga. They must rely on their strength and constitution in order to
endure the long hours of Knight school.

Knights have the unique ability to call forth a warhorse using the
call mount spell. Even the larger races, who are unable to ride current
mounts, can ride their magestic warhorses. The warhorse's time on this
world is limited.

Knights also have the ability to charge their opponents with the kcharge
skill. The kcharge attack can only be used to initiate combat, as it is
very difficult to do a charge in melee.

Knights from the warrior or blademaster classes must wield a polearm
in order to kcharge. Knights from the cleric or paladin classes must wield
a flail in order to kcharge.

NOTE: The riding skill is *NOT* included in the Knight kit. In order to
use your warhorse with any proficiency, you must take this skill
in addition to the knight kit.
Knights are no longer given the polearm and flail skills they require
to do the kcharge attack depending on your class. There are now
pre-reqs for Knight-School.


Syntax: c 'call mount'

Call mount is a spell given to those who have taken the Knight kit. It calls
forth a magestic warhorse that only the knight can ride. The Knight must
be mounted on their warhorse in order to use the kcharge skill. Normal
mounts lack the training and magical abilties of the warhorse. However,
since the warhorse is a magical being, it's time on this world is limited.
Warhorses do go away after a time.

Cavaliers are also given call mount.


Syntax: kcharge <target>

Kcharge is a command available to those who have taken the knight kit.
It is usually used to initiate combat. A knight must be mounted on their
warhorse and wielding a polearm, if they are a warrior/blademaster, or a
flail, if they are a cleric/paladin, in order to use kcharge.