Kit Faq

Q. What is a 'kit'?
A. A kit is a special collection of new game mechanics and/or abilities that
are available to specific classes.

Q. What are the benefits of taking a kit?
A. You receive special, unique abilities like new skills or spells, and you
have a secret card to play in the pkill game, since no one can tell what kit
you have.

Q. What is the downside?
A. You -must- pay practices to take a kit, there is no other way to get one.

Q. Which kits are available for my class?
A. See 'help kit list'.

Q. Can I take multiple kits?
A. Sort of. If you take a kit, you get its skills/spells, but if you change
kits later, you loose any of that kit's skills and special abilities. For
example, if you take the 'enchanter' kit, and then later switch to another kit
you will loose your old enchanting abilities.

Q. Can I trade my kit back in for the practices I spent on it?
A. No. Once you take a kit, you are irrevocably stuck with it.

Q. How do I accept a kit?
A. Type 'kit take <name>'

Q. It says 'huh' when I type 'kit'!
A. You must be at least level 10 to take a kit.

Q. It says I don't have good enough attributes!
A. Your -natural- attributes have to meet the minimum required for the kit.

Q. How do I tell what the minimums are?
A. Type 'kit info <name>'

Q. If I remort, do I loose my kit?
A. No, unless you were a remort hunter and remort :). You will be out the
100 pracs. Now, remorts CAN take a remort hunter kit, as long as the
kit does not hunt their type of remort.

Q. If I reclass, do I loose my kit?
A. Yes.