Experience Points

Your character advances in power by gaining experience. You need a set
amount of experience points for each level based on your creation points.

You gain experience by:

killing a player or creature
being part of a group that kills a monster
participating in a quest that gives experience as a reward
global experience rewards

You lose experience by:

fleeing from combat
recalling out of combat
being the target of certain spells
dying even when under the effects of withstand death

The experience you get from a kill depends on several things: how many players
are in your group; your level versus the level of the monster; your alignment
versus the monster's alignment; how many of this monster have been killed
lately; and some random variation.

While being in a group decreases the experience you receive, including grouping
with pets and other charmed creatures, the total experience rewarded to your
group per monster is increased by 20% when grouped with other players.