There are many different gods with in Boinga that one can ask assistance from. During creation you were asked to choose one. Default is Mojo.

You pray to gods for gifts, assuming you have enough sacrifice points to afford them. You can change which god you pray to by using the pledge command. Here is a list of gifts and their associated cost when you pray.


You can currently 'pledge' yourself to the following Deities:

Mojo (Default)

The god of Boinga
Any alignment, Gifts: Recall

The patron god of the Church of Matook
Any alignment, gifts: recall, patience
** Special Ability to Hear Distress Calls of Wounded **

The goblins call him "he who is never the same"
Neutral alignment, gifts: recall, random

The goddess of earth and nature
Good alignment, gifts: recall, nurture, meld

The vampire god of light
Evil alignment, gifts: recall, reanimation

The god prince of flowers
Any alignment, gifts: recall, opiate

Paladine (Clanned Only)
The god of the Solamnic Knights
Good alignment, gifts: recall, bravery, stature

Loki (Clanned Only)
The god of mischeif and trickery
Neutral alignment, gifts: recall, distraction, meld

Cthon (Clanned Only)
The god of destruction and vengence
Evil alignment, gifts: recall, fear, speed

Hermes (Clanned Only)
The god of transportation and travellers
Any alignment, gifts: recall, transport

The Almighty (Clanned Only)
The patron god of Clan Zealot
Any alignment, gifts: recall, banishment

All deities in Boinga are blood gods and reward you with the gifts they
can give based on how many deserving sacrifices you have made.