Dakky's leveling items guide

Dakky’s Leveling Gear guide

Hieee! Boinga's own little UberDwarf is here to help out gathering and learning what the best +stat items are for your low level leveling gains!

Before you (your character) types ‘LEVEL’, it is always best to have the highest stats possible. This ensures the best possible hp/mana/mv gains as you level: helping you in your travels throughout Boinga.
Different races have different max racial stats. These can be enhanced +4 with items and spells. The absolute max is (25). To see your own stats, type ‘att’ or ‘score’. If you wish to tell people your stats, type ‘att say’. Everyone in the same room as you will see your stats.

Level 1 +Stat items.

<body> small leather satchel : -1 int, +2 dex, +2 str
Located up in Mud school (also a good container)

<Held> bones of an unknown creature : +1str +1dex +1int
These are EXTREMELY hard to get. 51’s with knowledge and time can retrieve them in Altirin.

<Held> mud school diploma : +1con +1wis
Deep in mud school, there is a beast who has this item.

<Held> reserved card : +1int
Located somewhere in ‘The Campgrounds’

<Held> smurfberry cake : nodrop, no_locate, no_uncurse, -3 str, -1 wis, +2 con
BE WARNED. You cannot drop this. It must be EATEN if you want to lose it.
ALSO BE WARNED. It has negative stats on str and wis

<Light> gnomish lighting device : +1int
A gnomish tinker in Kender Village vendors these. They crumble upon your death. (rot death) although not flagged for it.

<Neck> medicine totem : +1wis +1damage nodrop. No_uncurse
In the lost bog, a shaman has these. A bit difficult for level 1 to get.
Must use ‘trade’ to hand them to someone.

<Neck> crest from a thieves guild : +1con
Hard to get even for the experience traveler. Located deep in the maze under the ‘Shark tank/water test’ in City/thieves.

<Waist> orion's belt : +1int +1wis
Located up in Circle Hall. Need to ‘enter chart’ to gather them. The ‘anteres, event horizon’ are located with the belt.

<weild> Practice sword/dagger/mace/flail/polearm
Sword/flail/polearm +1wis
Flail/dagger +1int
Ask for assistance when needing these items.

Level 2 through 5 +stat items

<arms> white leather sleeves (level 3) : +1 dex
Found in undersmurf

<body> smurfy white dress (level 4) +3 dex
Found in undersmurf

<float> ghostly apparition (level 3) +1 dex, +1 hit, +1 dam
Located in haunted House. Good for no leveling grinding as well.

<float> various colors of stones
Stones are found in Ancient Thalos (on lamia)
All are level 5 and have good stats.
deep red stone +1dex
Scarlet and blue +1int
incandescant blue stone +1wis
Pale blue +1str
Pink stone +1con

<head> crown of daisies (level 3) +1int
Marcy vendor in Village Fair

<head> Illithid corona (level 3) +1wis
Located passed the shire, up in ‘Bluetspur’

<head> pair of glasses (level3) +1 wis, -1 dex
Warning: -1 dex. Located in Smurf village

<head> tiny crystal crown (level5) +1 int,
Located in Faerie Glen

<held> tiger jewel (level 5) tiger jewel
Located in the Sands of Sorrows

<legs> skirt of ivy (level 3) +1str
Located in the Bathe House

<legs> blue cotton leggings (level 5) +1con
Located in the Spinners Inn in Kender Village.

<light> Rainbow staff (level 5) +1wis
Elven Wizard in the Shite

<light> scepter of power (level5) +1con
Located in Bluetspur

<neck> glowing necklace (level 3) +1int

<neck> amulet (level 5) +1con
Located in Sands of Sorrow

<neck> magus power necklace (level 5) +1con
Located in Circle Hall (guardians and inner mages)

<neck> small necklace (level 5) +1int
Smurf village

<ring> ancient promise ring (level 3) +2wis!
WARNING: these are invis (need a continual light)
Warning: when wearing, they give you POISON. Do NOT move with them on!
Located in the dungeon (knock/pick lock) in the bottom of Circle Hall.

<ring> pearl ring (level 3) -1wis +1con
Warning -1 wis. Located in undersmurf

<ring> pink ice ring (level 3) +1str
Abused doll in Dwarven Daycare Center.

<torso> anteres (level 2) +1str +1con
Top of Circle hall. ‘enter chart’ to gather them.

<wrist> circle guardian bracer (level 5) +1con
Circle guardians in Circle Hall

<wrist> thick marble bracelet (level 5) +1con
Located in Mahn-Tor