There are many different class types with in Boinga to choose from. Find one that suites you best.

Cleric Mage Thief Warrior
Cleric Cleric/Crusader Druid Monk Paladin
Mage Druid Mage/Wizard Assassin Samurai
Thief Monk Assassin Thief/Rogue Berzerker
Warrior Paladin Samurai Berzerker Warrior/Blademaster

And falling into none of the above groups we have the Elementalists

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Warriors : Warriors live for combat and the thrill of battle.
Clerics : Clerics are the healing oriented class.
Mages : Mages specialize in the casting of spells, offensive in particular.
Thiefs : Thieves are specialists at thievery and covert actions.
Blademasters : The Blademaster is a double-warrior reclass.
Crusaders : Crusaders are a double-cleric reclass
Wizards : The Wizard is the mage double-reclass.
Rogues : Rogues are the consummate theives of Boinga.
Bererkers : A berserker is a mixture of warrior and thief.
Paladins : The paladin is a holy warrior, existing for the sole purpose of serving his deity.
Assassins : The assassin is an expert in murder.
Samurai : Samurai are fighter mages.
Druid : Druids specialize in the control of magic in all forms.
Monk : Monks are thief clerics.
Elementalists : The elementalist is a highly specialized mage.