Kit: barbarian Cost: 80 practices
Classes: warrior berzerker
Races: dragon human elf dwarf giant ogre lasher kender goblin half-elf yinn volare rockbiter faerie gargoyle
Minimum Attributes: STR 18 CON 17
Skills/Groups: 'barbarian rage' 'endurance'

The Barbarian is a primal warrior, with brute strength and carnal
rage as his primary offensive weapons. Because of this, the Barbarian
has two special abilities, endurance, and the powerful barbarian
rage. Both fit into the Barbarian's style of "hurt now, ask questions
later, if there's anything left to interrogate."


Syntax: Automatic

The Endurance skill causes the barbarian to take less damage when he is
injured. This includes weapon and magical damage, and it even will reduce
damage taken from attacks like backstabs, bites, and damage types that the
barbarian is vulnerable too. The amount of reduction is random, but it can
be as high as 30%.


Syntax: automatic

The barbarian's rage is a unique type of berserk attack. It kicks in
automatically. The longer the barbarian has been in combat, the better
the chances are of the rage starting up. Also, the longer the barbarian
is in combat, the more potent the rage in when it finally does kick in.
Because the barbarian is a brute force combatant, he sacrafices some
regard for personal safety while using the rage, and his AC will suffer.