Kit: acrobat Cost: 70 practices
Classes: thief monk assassin rogue
Races: dragon human elf dwarf giant ogre lasher kender goblin half-elf yinn volare rockbiter faerie gargoyle
Minimum Attributes: STR 14 DEX 18 CON 13
Skills/Groups: 'tumbling'

The Acrobat kit combines quick reflexes with dexterity to create an agile
and dangerous thief. The acrobat is difficult to hit, and difficult to
keep in one place for very long. Their ability to use the tumbling
skill provides them with a unique ability to avoid getting hit.

SEE ALSO: tumbling


Syntax: automatic

Tumbling is a special acrobat ability. Tumbling increases the user's
dodging ability, as well as permits him/her to roll out of the way of
bashes, and even roll from a bash into a standing position.